Amended Solid Waste Ordinances 300-5 and 300-6

Village of Black Creek

Notice of Newly Amended Ordinances

Please take notice that the Village of Black Creek amended Ordinances No. 300-5, Approved waste and refuse container, and 300-6 Collection of refuse, on January 8, 2024. The ordinances change the approved refuse containers, the waste that will be accepted in those containers, and the placement of those containers.

§300-5. Approved waste and refuse containers.

  1. Only approved garbage containers supplied by the Village shall be used.
  2. Approved containers.
  1.   All residential solid waste must be placed in any plastic bags that are closed by means of a tie and which then may be placed in Village supplied garbage container.
  2.   The container lid must be closed. Any bags that cause the lid to remain open are considered extra garbage and will not be picked up. Large items such as appliances, chairs, couches, carpet, furniture, bikes, lawnmowers (gas and oil removed), grills (propane tanks removed), lumber, building materials, tires, etc. can be taken to the Wastewater Treatment plant twice per year in spring and autumn. (Dates and fees to be established by the Village Board).

    C. No ashes are to be placed in the refuse containers. Ashes may be disposed of in a central collection                location provided by the Village..

    D. Animal waste. Animal waste is considered garbage and must be bagged before placing in container.

    E. Illegal containers. Containers not supplied by the Village will not be emptied regardless of contents or                  weight.

§300-6. Collection of refuse.

  1. Placement for collection. Residential solid waste shall be accessible to collection crews. Residential solid waste in Village supplied containers shall be placed immediately behind the curb of the public street for collection. The container should be at least 5 feet from other objects on the terrace such as other containers, mailboxes, trees, parked cars, etc. The handle of the container should face the house. Yard wastes from residential units shall likewise be placed in neat, orderly fashion behind the curb. During winter months, solid waste shall not be placed on top of the snowbank, nor shall it be placed in the roadway. The owner shall either shovel out an area behind the curb in which to place his wastes or he shall place it in his driveway. Collection crews will not collect residential solid waste unless it is placed at the curb of a public street. Residential units shall bring their solid waste to the public right-of-way for collection. Should collection crews be unable to discharge contents of garbage containers into collection vehicles using normal handling procedures, the containers, including contents, will be left at curbside. The owner shall make provisions to assure that the solid waste therein can be collected on the next collection day.
  2. Restriction on time of placement. All receptacles and containers for refuse shall be placed in collection locations as designated in Subsection A above only after 6:00 p.m. of the evenings prior to the regular collection time the following day. All receptacles, bags and containers for refuse and garbage disposal shall be removed from the curbside collection point within 24 hours after the regular collection time. Village employees or employees of licensed collectors will not enter any structures to remove garbage or refuse.
  3. Collection schedule. Municipal refuse collection services shall be on a schedule as established by the Village Board. Only those items approved by this article shall be left for collection, except that any material, including branches, may be left for collection on the first Wednesday of each month.

Amended 01/08/2024