Fall Water Main Flushing

Black Creek Water & Sewer Utility

Black Creek Utility will flush mains from Wednesday, Sept. 27th thru Tuesday, Oct. 3rd. Before using water for food preparation, laundry or bathing, please run water through your tap to determine if it is showing the effects of flushing, such as slight discoloration or sedimentation.

Water mains are the pipes which bring fresh water to your home. Flushing removes natural minerals, like iron, which are harmless, but can discolor your water. If you see our crews working in your area, please try to use as little, or if possible, no water for an hour. Allowing the water to settle ensures that you won’t draw discoloration into your water system.

Should you find discoloration in your system, stop using the water, wait about an hour, and then draw off the discolored water through a cold water tap only.

We know it’s tough to go without water, but an hour of inconvenience while we flush, can help avoid problems in the future. 

If you have questions or concerns please call: DPW, Steve Hackl at 920-419-5333