Garbage Collection Update



Last Thursday, the Dept. of Public Works took delivery of a truckload of carts that will be used for garbage collection beginning in the new year. The switch to these carts is being made because the DPW will be taking delivery of a new garbage truck later this month.

The new truck will have an automated arm that will lift and empty the trash carts into the truck, meaning the DPW’s garbage collection service will be less messy and less labor intensive. These are positives for our staff members and for the efficiency of the overall DPW operation, allowing garbage collection to be done by one employee at a time.

DPW staff is busy preparing the carts for delivery to residents. This will begin around the middle of December, with the schedule fluid depending on snowfall and other factors. Attached to each cart will be a letter with important information about the new garbage collection program. We ask that you read the letter when you receive it so you understand all the changes.

Here are a few highlights:

  • New carts will go into service in early January 2024. The official date depends on when the truck is delivered, so watch the village website ( and Facebook for announcements. Once the new truck is in service, all residential garbage pickup will be done on Tuesdays.
  • Like now, carts cannot be placed at the curb before 6pm the night before pickup but must be placed at the curb by 6am the morning of pickup.
  • All garbage MUST BE BAGGED inside the carts.
  • The new garbage truck will not be able to empty dumpsters, so the dumpsters at the WWTP will not be available for public use after 1/1/24.
  • To facilitate disposal of large items as well as tires, oil and batteries, the DPW will allow dropoff of these items at the WWTP twice per year, in April and September. Dates and fees, if applicable, will be published at a later date. Large items can also be taken to the Outagamie County landfill for disposal throughout the year.

If you have questions, please contact:

Director of Public Works

Steve Hackl at (920) 419-5333

[email protected]