Highway 47 Construction – Burdick St/Hwy B: To:  Affected property owners Re-construction on Hwy 47 (Main St.) between Burdick St. and Hwy B is scheduled to begin on Monday April 29, 2024, the anticipated date for completion of the Village’s portion of the project to install new water mains and new sanitary sewer lines is August 30, 2024. Keep in mind that this timeframe does not include the State D.O.T.s portion of the work to repave the Hwy, while open to traffic with flag men. This portion of Hwy 47 will be closed to thru traffic during construction. The Hwy will remain open to local traffic for businesses and residents that live within the construction area, with occasional delays for construction equipment. The construction area will not be accessible from the North or South ends, but will be accessible from Birch St., Pine St. and Forest St.  The intersection at 47 & 54 at the stop lights and Main St. between Hwy 54 and Burdick St. will remain open at all times. Attached to this letter is a map showing the detour route and construction area, business owners can copy and distribute this map to their suppliers and customers.  Please see the village web site for future updates on the construction project: www.villageofblackcreek.com Please contact me if you have any questions, Thank you Steve Hackl Village of Black Creek Director of Public Works 920-419-5333

Notice of Newly Enacted Ordinance

Village of Black Creek

Notice of Newly Enacted Ordinance

Please take notice that the Village of Black Creek enacted Ordinance No. 336, Golf Carts/ATV/UTV, on February 14, 2022. The ordinance provided for the operator of Golf Carts, ATVs, and UTVs on Village Roadways, with restrictions.

The full text of Ordinance 336 may be read here: Ordinances & Resolutions – Village of Blackcreek, at the Post Office, Community Center, Villge Hall posting window, or obtained from the Black Creek Village Clerk-Treasurer’s office, 301 N. Maple Street, Black Creek, WI 54016. Phone: (920) 984-3295. Email [email protected]. A copy of the Code of the Village of Black Creek is also on file at the Village Clerk-Treasurer’s office, and on our website at www.villageofblackcreek.com

PLEASE NOTE: This Ordinance is NOT effective until all road signs are placed, or until April 1, 2022, whichever is later