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Notice of Newly Enacted Ordinance

Village of Black Creek

Notice of Newly Enacted Ordinance

Please take notice that the Village of Black Creek enacted Ordinance No. 336, Golf Carts/ATV/UTV, on February 14, 2022. The ordinance provided for the operator of Golf Carts, ATVs, and UTVs on Village Roadways, with restrictions.

The full text of Ordinance 336 may be read here: Ordinances & Resolutions – Village of Blackcreek, at the Post Office, Community Center, Villge Hall posting window, or obtained from the Black Creek Village Clerk-Treasurer’s office, 301 N. Maple Street, Black Creek, WI 54016. Phone: (920) 984-3295. Email [email protected]. A copy of the Code of the Village of Black Creek is also on file at the Village Clerk-Treasurer’s office, and on our website at www.villageofblackcreek.com

PLEASE NOTE: This Ordinance is NOT effective until all road signs are placed, or until April 1, 2022, whichever is later