On Sunday 8/29/21 between 3 am and 3 pm, the Village of Black Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant experienced a Treatment Facility Overflow. The overflow was caused by the inflow and infiltration of rain/ground water into the sanitary sewer collection system. Two consecutive nights of heavy rainfall totaling 6+ inches overwhelmed the capacity of the treatment plant early Sunday morning, and partially treated sewage overflowed from a treatment basin into a storm sewer which leads to the Black Creek. Best efforts were made by village staff to dike, damn, and divert as much of the overflow as possible back into the sanitary system but with the plant taking in 3-4 times what it was designed for, 100% containment was not achieved.

The partially treated wastewater that entered the Black Creek could create a risk to anyone that chooses to recreate in the Black Creek in the near future. As movement of the water and time persists, the risk for possible contamination will lessen. In cooperation with the Department of Natural Resources, Village staff is working diligently to assess and implement future protocols aimed at decreasing instances of overflow during high rain events. Your cooperation in communicating this information to anyone planning on recreating in the Black Creek in the near future is greatly appreciated.